BRaswell 7390 & 7395

The latest in the Braswell 7000 series carburetors are the B-7390, and B-7395. The B-7390
was specifically designed as a dual 4 bbl., while the B-7395 was designed for single 4 bbl. applications. Building on the design, and record setting performances set forth by the B-7520 2 bbl. carburetors, the B-7390 & B-7395 are ready to take 4 bbl. carbureted engine performance to new levels. These carburetors are designed to be used where a 4 bbl. or "Whole" carburetor is mandated by rules or preferred for packaging reasons. Their design allows them to be machined in a wide range of sizes necessary for today's competition engines.

CNC machined from high quality Aluminum die-castings, they are offered in a wide range of sizes to accommodate race engines from 800-2200 plus HP for dual quad and 750-1200 Hp in single 4 barrel use. They feature spread throttle bores for better fuel distribution, longer venturi's for smoother fuel metering and a totally new and innovative metering system. The fuel jets and their pickups are located so they remain in liquid fuel, even when acceleration rates exceed 3 G's. The light weight billet metering blocks feature a lengthened main metering well and multiple bleed systems provide for improved metering and tuning flexibility unavailable in the past. The manifold mounting flange can be used with either the industry standard 5.38" x 5.38" hole mounting pattern or the optimized 5.50" x 5.50" hole mounting pattern, while the scoop tray has been enlarged to an even 8.00" diameter. Several different sizes will be offered ranging from 1.90"-2.14" venturis and 2.20"-2.50" Throttle bores. There are also two different size booster venturi castings allowing these carburetors to be tailored to the demands of today's racing engines.


  • Calibrations for Naturally Aspirated or N2O Applications
  • Dual 4bbl -7390 or Single 4bbl -7395
  • Custom 4 Circuit Fuel Metering
  • Glass Fuel Level Site Windows
  • Replaceable Air Bleeds
  • Fully adjustable Billet Metering Blocks
  • Patented Fuel-Chute™ Fuel Bowls (on -7390 Carburetors)
  • Patented Fuel-Chute II™ Fuel Bowls (on -7395 Carburetors)
  • Can use either Industry Standard 5.38" x 5.38" Hole Mounting Pattern
    or the optimized 5.50" x 5.50" Hole Mounting Pattern
  • 2.91" Bore Centers
  • Optimized Jet locations for proper Fuel Metering
  • 8.00" Round Scoop Tray Opening