BRaswell 7520

The B-7520 2 bbl. was the first in our new 7000 series of carburetors. Designed from start to finish as a racing carburetor, drawing on our over 4 decades of experience in the manufacturing of carburetors for Motorsports applications. It was introduced to the market in 2007 to fill the demand for multiple carburetor applications using the 2 bbl format. This new carburetor eliminated the former requirement of having to take a 4 bbl carburetor and cut it in half to make a "split". Even when split the available carburetors which were based on a 40+ year old design that has proven inadequate for today's modern racing engines. The performance of the B-7520 speaks for itself. It has taken Mountain Motor Pro Stock and Pro Mod racing by storm. It also has a strong following in Competition Eliminator, Top Sportsman, 10.5 Outlaw and Quick-8 Classes.

CNC machined from aircraft quality permanent mold castings, the -7520 is offered in a wide range of sizes to accommodate race engines from 800-2200 plus HP It features spread throttle bores for better fuel distribution, longer venturis for smoother fuel metering and a totally new and innovative metering system. The fuel jets and their pickups are located so they remain in liquid fuel, even when acceleration rates exceed 3 Gs. The light weight billet metering blocks feature a lengthened main metering well and multiple bleed systems provide improved metering and tuning flexibility unavailable in the past. The manifold mounting flange uses the industry standard 2.75" X 5.38" hole pattern, while the scoop tray uses a 3.75" X 6.71" oval opening. Both of these hole patterns are symmetrical to the C/L of the carburetor. The sizes offered range from 1.90"-2.22" venturis and 2.20"-2.60" Throttle bores. Two different size booster venturi castings provide even greater flexibility.


  • Calibrations for Naturally Aspirated or N2O Applications
  • Fully adjustable Billet Metering Blocks
  • Custom 4 Circuit Fuel Metering
  • Glass Fuel level Site Windows
  • Replaceable Air Bleeds
  • 2.96" Bore Centers
  • Patented Fuel-Chuteâ„¢ Fuel Bowls
  • As light as 4.9lbs (per 2bl) with fittings
  • 3.75" x 6.71" symmetrical Scoop Tray Opening
  • Industry Standard 5.38" x 2.75" Mounting Hole Pattern